Chuanchang Zeng (曾传昌)

Assistant research scientist
Office: 633
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Professional Preparation
2015 — 2020: Ph.D., Clemson University, USA, Condensed Matter Physics.
2011 — 2015: B.S., Harbin Institute of Technology, China, Physics.

2023/04 –– Present: Assistant Researcher, Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences, China.
2020/11 –– 2023/03: Postdoctoral Researcher, Beijing Institute of Technology, China.

Research Areas
“Topological superconductors/Majorana fermions/Topological quantum computation;”
“Topological excitations/Topological materials/Anomalous transport;”

Mainly focus on the studies of the topological excitations along with their fascinating transport behaviors in various topological systems, including the Majorana bound states/Andreev bound states/quasi-Majorana modes in the topological superconducting systems, linear/nonlinear anomalous electrical/thermal/thermoelectric transport effects in Weyl/Dirac semimetals/topological insulators/Ferromagnets/Antiferromagnets, etc.

Project Highlights
Have totally contributed 18 articles so far (mainly from 2017 to 2023) to the field, among which, in 10 papers (i.e., 1 PRL, 1 PRR, and 8 PRB) I am the first author/co-author/corresponding author.
More specifically, the proposed work of using cold atom Hubbard-Hofstadter lattice to realize higher-order topological superconductivity and Majorana corner modes has been published in Phys. Rev. Lett. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 060402 (2019)], and the co-authored paper on ps-ABS (quasi-Majorana) is now highly cited in the field [Phys. Rev. B 98, 155314 (2018)].

Projects and Funding
So far, I have received several research funding projects including the Doctoral Thesis Completing Grant (2019-2020) from Clemson University, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (2022-2024), and the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2020-2022). I simultaneously participate in two other Key programs from NSFC.

Selected Publications

  • C. Zeng, S. Nandy, P. Liu, S. Tewari, Y. Yao, “Quantum oscillations as a robust fingerprint of chiral anomaly in nonlinear response in Weyl semimetals”,Phys. Rev. B 107, L081107(2023)
  • C. Zeng, X. Q. Yu, Z. M. Yu, Y. Yao, “Band tilt induced nonlinear Nernst effect in topological insulators: An efficient generation of high-performance spin polarization”, Phys. Rev. B 106, L081121 (2022)
  • C. Zeng, G. Sharma, T. D. Stanescu, S. Tewari, “Partially-separated Majorana modes in a disordered medium”, Phys. Rev.B 105, 205122 (2022)
  • C. Zeng, T. D. Stanescu, C.Zhang, V. W. Scarola, S. Tewari, “Majorana corner modes with solitons in an attractive Hubbard Hofstadter model of cold atom optical lattices”, Phys. Rev. Lett.123, 060402 (2019)
  • C. Zeng, C. Moore, A. M.Rao, T. D Stanescu, S. Tewari, “Analytical solution of the finite-length Kitaev chain coupled to a quantum dot”, Phys.Rev. B 99, 094523 (2019)