Ji-Yin Wang (王积银)

Associate research scientist
Office: 633
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Ji-Yin Wang is currently hired as an associate research scientist of Semiconductor Quantum Computation Group in Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS). He got his B.S. degree from Jilin University in 2013 and got his PhD degree from Peking University in 2018 (supervised by Prof. Hongqi Xu). From 2018 to 2022, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow in QuTech-Microsoft Joint laboratory led by Prof. Leo P. Kouwenhoven. In July of 2022, he joined BAQIS. So far, he has published more than 20 papers in prestigious journals, including Nature, Nature Communications, Science Advances, Nano Letters, Physical Review B, etc. He was elected as overseas high-level personnel and his project is currently funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China. His current research interests include: (1) spin qubits based on semiconductor quantum dots; (2) topological superconductivity based on semiconductor-superconductor hybrids.

Selected Publications (# equal contribution, * corresponding author):

1. Vukan Levajac#, Ji-Yin Wang#*, Cristina Sfiligoj, Mathilde Lemang, Jan Cornelis Wolff, Alberto Bordin, Ghada Badawy, Sasa Gazibegovic, Erik PAM Bakkers, Leo P Kouwenhoven, Subgap spectroscopy along hybrid nanowires by nm-thick tunnel barriers, Nature Communications 14, 6647 (2023).
2. Shili Yan
#, Haitian Su#, Dong Pan#, Weijie Li, Zhaozheng Lyu, Mo Chen, Xingjun Wu, Li Lu, Jianhua Zhao*, Ji-Yin Wang*, Hongqi Xu*, Supercurrent, Multiple Andreev Reflections and Shapiro Steps in InAs Nanosheet Josephson Junctions, Nano Letters 14, 6497-6503 (2023).
3. Nick van Loo, Grzegorz P Mazur, Tom Dvir, Guanzhong Wang, Robin C Dekker, Ji-Yin Wang, Mathilde Lemang, Cristina Sfiligoj, Alberto Bordin, David van Driel, Ghada Badawy, Sasa Gazibegovic, Erik PAM Bakkers, Leo P Kouwenhoven,
Electrostatic control of the proximity effect in the bulk of semiconductor-superconductor hybrids, Nature Communications 14, 3325 (2023).
4. Vukan Levajac, Grzegorz P Mazur, Nick van Loo, Francesco Borsoi, Ghada Badawy, Sasa Gazibegovic, Erik PAM Bakkers, Sebastian Heedt, Leo P Kouwenhoven, Ji-Yin Wang
*, Impact of junction length on supercurrent resilience against magnetic field in InSb-Al nanowire Josephson junctions, Nano Letters 11, 4716-4722 (2023).
5. Tom Dvir
*, Guanzhong Wang, Nick van Loo, Chun-Xiao Liu, Grzegorz P Mazur, Alberto Bordin, Sebastiaan LD Ten Haaf, Ji-Yin Wang, David van Driel, Francesco Zatelli, Xiang Li, Filip K Malinowski, Sasa Gazibegovic, Ghada Badawy, Erik PAM Bakkers, Michael Wimmer, Leo P. Kouwenhoven*, Realization of a minimal Kitaev chain in coupled quantum dots, Nature 614, 445-450 (2023).
6. Ji-Yin Wang
*, Nick Van Loo, Grzegorz P Mazur, Vukan Levajac, Filip K Malinowski, Mathilde Lemang, Francesco Borsoi, Ghada Badawy, Sasa Gazibegovic, Erik PAM Bakkers, Marina Quintero-Pérez, Sebastian Heedt, Leo P Kouwenhoven, Parametric exploration of zero-energy modes in three-terminal InSb-Al nanowire devices, Physical Review B 106, 075306 (2022).
7. Ji-Yin Wang
#, Constantin Schrade#, Vukan Levajac, David van Driel, Kongyi Li, Sasa Gazibegovic, Ghada Badawy, Roy LM Op het Veld, Joon Sue Lee, Mihir Pendharkar, Connor P Dempsey, Chris J Palmstrøm, Erik PAM Bakkers, Liang Fu, Leo P Kouwenhoven, Jie Shen*, Supercurrent parity meter in a nanowire Cooper pair transistor, Science Advances 8, eabm9896 (2022).
Ji-Yin Wang, Guang-Yao Huang, Shaoyun Huang, Jianhong Xue, Dong Pan, Jianhua Zhao,Hongqi Xu*, Anisotropic Pauli spin-blockade effect and spin–orbit interaction field in an InAs nanowire double quantum dot, Nano Letters 18, 4741-4747 (2018).
Ji-Yin Wang, Shaoyun Huang, Guang-Yao Huang, Dong Pan, Jianhua Zhao, H. Q. Xu*, Coherent transport in a linear triple quantum dot made from a pure-phase InAs nanowire, Nano Letters 17, 4158-4164 (2017).


J.-Y. Wang, V. Levajac, M. Lemang and L. P. Kouwenhoven, Semiconductor-superconductor hybrid devices having a tunnel barrier, WO2023030626A1 World Intellectual Property Organization (2023).